Latest Facebook Stickers

New Facebook Stickers Added

Its been a while since I last updated this site, but I am pleased to say its fully up to date with all the current Facebook stickers which are available on Facebook messenger. Check out the list of Facebook stickers just added:   Biscuit in Love Carnival Bigli Migli Lunar New Year Love is in […]

Stickers in Facebook Messaging

Facebook Stickers Are Now Available in Comments

Facebook Stickers are now spreading. They have been available in messaging for sometime now. But now they are available in Facebook comments. There is no need to set anything up its already there. Just look out for the little smiley face when you next comment on a Facebook post. Clicking on this just like in […]

What is a sticker and how do I send one

Stickers are illustrations or animations of characters that you can send to friends. They’re a great way to share how you’re feeling and add personality to your chats. 1. To send a sticker, go to the messages in Facebook 2. Click on a friend who you want to send the message to 3. In the […]

Facebook Stickers Now Available on the Web

Source… Facebook stickers, the extra-large emoticons mobile users have been throwing into Facebook chats for a while now, are now also available on the web version of Facebook. Using stickers is simple: start a chat with someone, click on the emoticon icon in the lower right corner of the chat window, choose the sticker […]

Facebook Chat Stickers: What Are They & Should You Use Them?

When you chat via instant messenger clients, do you add smileys? Do you also like to add other emoticons to let people know when you’re hungry, bored, stressed and the rest? If so, you’ll probably enjoy using Facebook’s new stickers. These honestly-not-at-all-just-like-an-emoticon images are the latest craze for Facebook IM and they’re quite a bit […]