Facebook Stickers Add A New List: Snoopy And Pandi

Facebook Stickers Add A New List: Snoopy And Pandi
Facebook Stickers Add A New List: Snoopy And Pandi

Musjack.com – Facebook increasingly serious foray into the realm of Stickers. In fact at the same time two new stickers have been injected; Pandi and Snoopy‘s Moods. This is yet another Eid stickers Unyu for Indonesian local release yesterday.

Two-pack sticker on the FB was launched to coincide with the Comic-Con International: San Diego on Thursday. Two of the characters are quite well known sticker.

Pandi Panda is an illustration created by Patty Variboa of Fat Rabbit Farm. While Snoopy is part of the iconic Charles Schulz ‘Peanuts’ comic strip that debuted in 1950 start.

Both stickers above can begin to download and use to all the Facebook messaging platform to start web mobile applications on Android and iOS (FB Messenger).

Previously, Facebook also released a new sticker that Unyu Lebaran. This sticker is a continuation of the present pack Unyu Wayang figures Puppet Punakawan plus Heroine.

When it comes to stickers, Facebook is actually still less when compared to other kinds of instant messaging applications or KakaoTalk LINE. Both of them even got a major influx of sale sticker.

The question is often raised, would one day Facebook will present a premium version of the sticker? Therefore, some time ago FB sticker present a moment with the movie Despicable Me being aired on the big screen.

Analysts suspect if Despicable Me is the first commercial stickers Facebook. And do not rule out the possibility dikedepannya present other commercial stickers.

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Post Author: Ed Lui