Facebook Stickers: Do you know about it yet?

Facebook Stickers: Do you know about it yet?
Facebook Stickers: Do you know about it yet?

If you like those tiny emoticons that Facebook allows you to put on your chat messages, status and comments, you are so going to love this.

Now instead of the regular tiny smileys, you can send larger and more beautiful emoticons to your friends over Facebook messaging. Known as “Facebook Stickers”, these emoticons are created by different users and are currently free. Ranging from the mischievous Despicable Me minions to the cute blushing Dessert cartoons, the stickers are sure to get you swooning over them.

To use the stickers, all you have to do is to open a chat pop-up with your contact and click on the emoticon button below. You can then toggle between the tabs to choose from the different sets of stickers. To add more sticker sets in your collection, simply click on the basket icon on the top right hand corner of the mini window, and choose your desired set from the Sticker Store.

Currently, there are only 15 different sets available on the Sticker Store – all for free. However, it is unknown if Facebook would allow more designs and start adding in paid sets in the future. Nontheless, do start exploring these new emoticons now for a more expressive way to communicate with your Facebook contacts.

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Post Author: Ed Lui