New Trick to Enable Hidden Stickers on Facebook Messenger for Android

Now not all the Android users would be able to enjoy the Facebook Home launcher. Some of its features are still availed to other devices through the Facebook Messenger app. Well there must be some users who have enjoyed the new Chat Heads on their Android phones but what you must have not discovered yet is the hidden support for those illustrations known as Stickers. Here, we would tell you how to enjoy them.

Like all other hidden features, it seems like Facebook is still playing around with the idea of bringing in official support for the Stickers with the FB Messenger app. Therefore is has not considered the feature to be used by the users. So don’t be astonished if you find the feature to be imperfect as the FB team can decide anytime to remove these hidden features for a future update.

To know how you can enjoy the stickers on your Android smartphone, just follow the steps given below:
Do not forget that there has to be some reason that this feature is been hidden for the users. So do not be surprised if it doesn’t work as smoothly as other apps on your smartphone.
Step 1: Enable the Chat Heads. Remember: It only works with a ‘proper’ Chat Head and would not work smoothly on a normal Facebook chat conversation.
Step 2: Tap on the left hand side of the “+” button and you’ll see and invisible area.
Step 3: Eureka! From there onwards, you should be able to access the enjoy this hidden sticker.
If you find any problem with the loading of the sticker, then forcibly closing down the app and reopening it is the best solution. These steps can be tired on the upcoming android phones as well.

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