Enabling Stickers On Facebook Messenger For Android

One of the more quirky features that Facebook Home brought to the social network is that while chatting with your friends, you can send them “stickers”, which are basically large and funny emoticons to express how you are feeling, or simply just to annoy your friends, similar to the stickers found on other chat apps such as LINE. In any case it seems that these stickers are not as readily available to all users yet and if you’re using Facebook Messenger on your Android phone and you want to access these stickers, the folks at Droid Sans, a Thai-based Android community, have found a way to enable these stickers. Facebook will eventually make all these stickers available to all of its users in due time, but for those who cannot wait and want to start sending them to friends, head on over to the link in the source below for the instructions! http://www.ubergizmo.com/2013/04/enabling-stickers-on-facebook-messenger-for-android/

Post Author: Ed Lui

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